In the three years Pam has been narrating audiobooks, she has voiced hundreds of characters

in a variety of genres:  mystery, romance, paranormal, historical, and nonfiction.


Click on one of the samples below to listen…

Rest in Pieces

“Pam Dougherty’s performance was terrific. Her delivery of everything from dry wit to LOL humor was spot on.”

Saving Grace


“Pam Dougherty did a fabulous job delivering this story to us with all her multiple voices and accents. With lots of laughs and excitement, completely flawless!”

Sealed With a Kiss


“Ms. Dougherty has [so] many different voices… you would never know it was the same lady, which is truly amazing to me. In this audio her many different character voices were outstanding.”

Getting Lucky


“Pam delivers a funny, witty read. Her voices and accents are spot on!”

Consolation Prize


“I love her [Abbie St. Claire] style of writing…and the narrator, Pamela Peters, OMG what a voice – her voices rock!  Excellent job, ladies!”

Ace’s Key


“…hot, sensual, exciting and fun, but more than anything, it is an erotic romance and very classy.”

Trail of Thread


“[Pam] really imbued Deborah’s letters with emotion – happy, sad, troubled, desperate, elated, tired. Excellent narration!”

Soda Politics



The Big Book on the Gastric Sleeve


Perfect Summer


” …a terrific read!…wonderful at keeping [characters] consistent and distinct…”