STAGE Awards and Acknowledgements

Leon Rabin Nomination: 2000, 2007

Dallas Theater Critics Forum Awards: 1989, 2000, 2009, 2012

Named one of Dallas Five Best Actors by, 3-13- 13

Called one of the two “best actresses of their generations in North Texas” in the Dallas Morning News

2013 Column Award Winner for Violet Weston in WaterTower Theatre’s August: Osage County

Dallas Morning News, for Collected Stories: “the City’s best actress of her generation…”

2010 Column Award Winner for Big Edie in WaterTower Theatre’s 2009 production of Grey Gardens

              Best Featured Actress (Column) nomination for her work as Jeannette in The Full Monty


Night, Mother

Dougherty’s Thelma staggers across an excruciating arc, exploring all the identifiable stages of grief as if they were stations on The Cross. Dougherty never plays for sympathy. Each stage of grief she passes through seems a believably surprise embodiment arising out of natural occurrence.

Full Monty

I’ve seen a few Jeanettes over the years, and normally they slog through her one song and offer a mediocre one-liner from time to time. Under Dougherty’s control, Jeanette was sassy, brassy, and bubbling over with an exciting sense of “what’s this crazy old broad going to do next?”      DFWFrontRow

Good People

Not to say the acting isn’t spot-on, with Schwartz and Dougherty providing ample comic relief with their broad but believable characters. Dougherty shuffles around the stage…making comments that seem almost thrown away but still landing every juicy morsel…hers is a small gem of an almost cameo role, played for all it’s worth…     The Column

         The Spitfire Grill

We’ve come to expect beautifully sung work by Dara Whitehead and Sara Shelby Martin, but you’ll be astounded at the vocal power coming from dramatic actress Pam Dougherty.”      Dallas Morning News

Grey Gardens

Over everyone, however, soars the magnificent performance of veteran area actress Pam Dougherty. As the second-act Big Edie, she’s almost always in bed, sitting up barely dressed under layers of quilts. From there she reigns, her singing voice blending with Sheehan’s as if they share DNA. Looking just like her documentary counterpart, Dougherty’s Edith is a charming, terrifying, terribly needy narcissist. With every blast of “Edieeeee!” the walls of her make-believe mansion seem to tremble.”      Dallas Observer

The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife

Ms. Dougherty [as Marjorie] is superb and utterly real.  She bests Linda Lavin’s superficial, affected Broadway turn…       Dallas Morning News

And some short clips:

“the remarkable Pam Dougherty steals the show….”  WFAA-TV –  “master of the heart-on-sleeve monologue….”  Fort Worth Star Telegram  –  “spot-on comic timing…”  Dallas Observer  – “one of the area’s most winning performers…”  Dallas Morning News  –  “an older actress unafraid to appear unglamorous…”Dallas Observer –  “insanely talented…”  Dallas Edgefunniest stage business in the whole Foote festival…”  Dallas Observer